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The Method





The RENEWAL METHOD is a system for:

*Assessing problematic symptoms

*Identifying underlying beliefs 

*Replacing limiting beliefs 

Renewal Method Q&A


What is its use?

          Identifying and replacing negative self-talk, limiting beliefs or painful ideas as well as to

          support healthy attitudes and habits


What do you need to perform the Renewal Method?

          It utilizes:

          Belief Test Statements

          Testing, Download and Save Protocols

          Books on the Metaphysical Causes of Illness

          Muscle Testing with a Pendulum (With prescribed method and statements)


How long does it take to perform?

          To replace one limiting belief, usually takes 5 to 10 minutes


How long does it take to effectuate change?

          The change happens immediately and the results going forward will compound.


Will I feel anything during or after I use the Renewal Method?

          You may feel a vast range of emotions from nothing to immense relief. It all depends on            the individual and the circumstances.


Can I use this method by myself?

          Once you have learned this method and have the tools needed, you can continue to                  use it to create change in your life. You may feel the need for assistance analyzing                      yourself and your situations or for creating specific download statements.


Is the Renewal Method all I need to make the changes I want to see in my life?

          The Renewal Method supplements other systems to shorten the time necessary to                    reprogram the subconscious mind. It is one tool among many that can support your                    growth and create lasting change. I recommend that you seek guidance from the vast                resources available such as books, radio shows, counselors, energy healers or life                      coachs. As you seek, you will find that which will best benefit you.


How does Renewal Method differ from other tools?

          The set-up testing reassures that the statement you want to download is appropriate                  and the timing is favorable.


          The muscle testing you do after a download helps you to be confident that change has                   occurred.


How will I know that I have changed after using Renewal Method?

         Watch for changes related to the area(s) that you have worked on. You may notice that                your self-talk is completely different or that, for the first time, you have deep feelings of              love for yourself or that you feel comfortable showing your true self rather than                            conforming to the people around you. The changes are limitless and will be related to                the area you worked on with your download(s). Keeping a journal or a list of the changes            you see will raise your awareness of positive changes. Asking those close to you may                also be helpful.


Is there any current science that supports its use?

          Scientific evidence supports multiple components of the Renewal Method:

                   Mind/Body Science - How thoughts effect the body

                   Subconscious Mind and its Functions

                   Rewriting the Subconscious Mind - Possibilities and Benefits

                   Muscle Testing to Access the Subconscious


How can I learn more about the Renewal Method?

          You may email:


By using the RENEWAL METHOD 

the subconscious mind is easily accessed and empowering statements are downloaded quickly and efficiently, thus creating radical transformation. 

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