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The Story

The Need

The Journey

The Passion

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My journey began as a truth seeker. I was raised within the confines of religion so I began my search there, pouring through many texts, teaching aids and multiple language translation dictionaries in hopes of teasing out TRUTH. I believed that if I knew the truth, I would be set free. Free from what? Ignorance, frustration, depression, outdated ideologies and limiting beliefs. For me, freedom meant that I could be my best self, fulfilling those elusive dreams and ideals that would give my life meaning. I needed to see  purpose for my life beyond what I had already experienced. How would I find it? TRUTH...the truth will set me free. I began searching, reading, studying and praying. I found many wonderful teachers along the way, each with his or her own contribution and areas of specialty,  I had a voracious appetite for knowledge, for proof, for applicable methods that would bring about the transformation I sought. Each teacher brought me closer, but I still needed a way to create the changes in myself and my life that I desperately wanted. So I assessed the knowledge and techniques I had studied and developed a method by which I could quickly effectuate change in myself and in my life. Then, FREEDOM! Sweet, sweet freedom...the more I used The RENEWAL Method the freer I became. Long held limiting beliefs and negative attitudes began shifting as the changes I hoped to see emerged. Realizing the potential, it became my life's passion to share this method with others so that they too would be empowered to free and transform themselves. This method offers a means to effectuate real change. My hope is that you find the freedom you are searching for and that you enjoy the journey to becoming  your highest and best self.

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